Lived long enough not to be fooled by any scam

Diann, Here is my client’s testimony.

I will 78 years old in July, 2008.  I am including this bit of information so you know that I have lived long enough not to be fooled by any scam. I want to tell you what my direct experience is with the Focus footbath. Prior to my first treatment I had been down with the flu-like symptoms, coughing and a lot of mucus. After my first treatment, my wife noticed I went all day without coughing. During my doctor visit I was told by the doctor “Sal, whatever your doing, please continue to do it.”  So, I told him about the footbath treatment. Although my doctor heard about it, he had not known much and was very interested to know more.  I’ve had a total of three treatments and I am extremely pleased. To summarize what  the Focus treatments have done for me: coughing has been almost eliminated, my energy level is very good and I sleep better.
I must also tell you that I was scheduled for a procedure with my urologist that I have canceled since my symptoms are gone!
I am grateful that I have been introduced to the footbath treatments and to my practitioner who has a passion to see the body heal itself as it rids the toxins.

Sal Mangialomini

Marnie V.
Cleansing Waters
New Lenox, IL 60451

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