the most powerful cleanse I have ever had

Hi Diann:

My loaner arrived Monday at 5pm and I want to thank you so much for organizing and suggesting the loaner.  another positive feature on the optimum focus compared to others – – it is minor and nontechnical – – it is a practical feature where the water module / exciter stay firmly on bottom of the foot bath container.   Where as the aqua chi the water module does not stay in place & is always tilting one way or another or you gotta hole it with your feet.  They make a container that has an indentation to hold the unit in place – – but…. if you use plastic liners or a different container you can’t use it. – so in essence it is awkward.  And the AMD hooks on to the side of the container – making it not as versatile with different foot containers.

I did a bath and it was the most powerful cleanse I have ever had.  I had the meter at 1.3.

Thanks again.

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