Why is HERTZ important?

OPTIMUM detox units run at 10,000 Hertz and NOT 60 Hertz: – Most of the units out in the market operate at 60 hertz which is a resonant frequency of a healthy heart, thus they have some potential danger.  OPTIMUM units run at 10,000 Hertz which when graphed is a smooth line vs. a spike lined graph of 60 Hertz.

If you plot the 60 cycle and the 60 hertz signals you will see that they have common points sixty times in a minute.  This is the point of resonance that could cause a reaction.  The easiest way for the public to envision this is to think of sound.  Ever use the quiet, sound cancelling devices?  They are used on airplanes and sometimes promoted for use in your home.  They work with something often called ‘white noise’ which means it has enough frequencies and harmonics to cancel the sound before it gets to your ear drums.  Harmonics cancel sound.  I do not know what the direct risk is of harmonics cancelling a heartbeat, and do not plan to find out with any of our users.