The ability to Adjust Current is imperative due to a variety of external variables:

  • Differences in human skin resistance
  • Differences in the water used
  • Differences in the electrolyte/electrolysis
  • Differences in what people can handle

How do Other units Control Amperage?

Other units on the market (even units w preprogrammed buttons, ** explained below) do NOT allow you to manually adjust the current (except our OPTIMUM unit), even the more expensive units like AMD IONCLEANSE & EB305Pro, Aqua Detox, PureCharge,etc. These other units control amperage ONLY by adding salt which is the inexpensive way. If you add too much salt there is no way to reduce the amperage since you are not able to take the salt out of the water. You would then need to throw out the water and redo it or add more water to dilute the salt.

Our Optimum detox units have a ‘Current Control’ knob where you have the ability to adjust the Amperage. This costs more to build (view our OPTIMUM units)

What Effects Amperage?

There are several factors that raise or lower the Amperage: current, salt, human body skin resistance, and water. If you raise the current or add more salt, the Amperage moves up. Other units do not allow you to adjust the current. Even if the other unit has preprogrammed buttons to select which amperage, you still are adding salt until the unit notifies you when the salt has increased to the desired programmed amperage. The only way to raise the Amperage with these machines is to add more salt. This means there is a straight 24 volt current coming through since you are not able to adjust the current. If you were to add too much salt, then you either have to dilute the water or dump the water out then start over.

How do OPTIMUM Units Control Amperage?

With our OPTIMUM detox footbath units; the salt, body and water stay constant and then you either raise or lower the current to get to the desired Amperage. Our bodies differ; there are differences in the resistance, capacitance, and inductance within each of us on a daily basis.  With the capability of adjusting the current we are able to treat the customer as an individual other than as some inert object in spite of environmental changes in the air, water and food we consume on a daily basis. To thrust a straight 24 volt current, as these other machines do, on a body is too much. It can be draining to the body. 

Our OPTIMUM detox machines allow you to have full control over the Amperage by adjusting the current via our Current Control knob. No detox footbath unit is capable of delivering the power we can. Other units cannot adjust to the user’s needs (meaning current), none of them have both the fold back and a fuse on the output delivered to the user for safety reasons. We have the adjustable power supply that is capable of 150 watts and has an output of 2.5 to 23 volts. This cannot fit in to a smaller package unless their cost is at least $1500. No footbath on the market is using this because it costs too much. The technology to be able to control the current will not fit in to a small box.

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