Amazing Miracles

I’ve witnessed some amazing miracles since using the OPTIMUM ES8000 unit for the past 8-9 months.  My first client on the system was a woman in her late 50’s with psoriasis, eczema, diabetes and fatigue.  After her 3rd footbath session, she noticed that she was sleeping better at night and had significant more energy.  By her tenth session, she reported that the psoriasis and eczema was now barely noticeable.  I only wish we had taken before and after pictures!

Another client in her early 30’s reported having a traumatic injury to one of her feet earlier in life that resulted in a loss of sensation on a particular part of her foot.  After 4 footbath sessions, she stated that she could now feel that part of her foot again.

Furthermore, another client at 14 years of age had developed significant acne over the last few years.  After 3 footbaths, her acne was nearly gone.  She came running into the office a few days later overwhelmed with excitement to show us the dramatic changes in her complexion!

Finally, don’t be duped by imitators out there selling machines that cost only a few hundred dollars, or even those that are 2-3x as much money.  I placed the OPTIMUM system head to head with other systems of similar caliber, and at the end of the day, OPTIMUM was clearly the best choice.  Why?  The research, engineering and development of the technology as well as the training and support that you have with the company is first rate.  Add that to the amazing results you’ll experience and witness in your own clients, and it all adds up to an unbeatable value.

Jason, Carlsbad California (Chiropractor)

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