Picture of an atom w electrons floating aroundOPTIMUM ionic footbath units’ generate IONS at a higher VOLTAGE. Other machines produce ions around 300 – 400 milliV (or 0.400 volts), very low voltage. OPTIMUM runs 35 times higher than this. Depending on the amperage being ran during a session, as an example 1.6 amps (only 1/2 the full power of our machines), the OPTIMUM machine would be around 14 to 15 volts, again 35 times higher. The OPTIMUM standard machine runs as high as 3.00 Amps & the OPTIMUM ES8000i runs as high as 5.5 Amps there by the ion voltage would be even higher. A client would barely feel anything at a.400 v (the other machines). Their electrodes (water module) would last much longer because they are doing le ss work. When trying to cure anything that has had an adverse effect on the body, do we want to cleanse it at the same rate as the toxin build up? A 50 year old person would have to take footbaths for 50 years to neutralize the accumulated toxins. At the age of 100, who cares?