Recently, the DaVinci LifeSciences Research Center was commissioned to scientifically test the efficacy of the OPTIMUM FOCUS footbaths in eliminating mercury from the body.


A random sample of 18 clinical patients were used from the Da Vinci Natural Health Center in Larnaca, Cyprus. These patients had all undergone pre-post provocation testing at least one month before the footbath testing to determine the degree of mercury stored in their body. A pre-post provocation urine test was used and measured on a PSA Atomic Fluorescence spectrometer, with detection levels of parts
per billion. DMSA was the provocation agent used. All these people that underwent the DMSA provocation trial showed a percentage increase in the post-urine sample compared to baseline, indicating mercury stores in the body.

There was a total of 18 people in the footbath sample. In addition, there were a further 16 people that took HMD® before entering the footbath (see explanation below).

The following people were excluded from participating in the study:

• If they had a pacemaker or other electronic device in their body.
• If they were pregnant.
• If they had an organ transplant.


The age range of the sample was from 7 years old through to 77 years. There was an equal mix of both sexes but their disease processes and symptoms varied from autism, MS, cardiovascular disease and metastatic cancer.


Before stepping into the footbath, a sample of water was collected directly from the plastic footbath – this was the pre or baseline sample. The person then entered the footbath and remained for a total of 35 minutes (adults) and 25 minutes (children).

Immediately after the footbath had completed its cycle, another water sample was collected in a Sterilin 60ml container (sterilized).

These samples were immediately frozen until they were ready for laboratory preparation and analysis. In the laboratory, the samples were taken and nitric acid was added, along with potassium bromide-bromate and hydroxylamine before being tested on a PSA Atomic Fluorescence spectrometer set to measure at ppb levels.


There were two groups of people – those that completed only the OPTIMUM FOCUS footbath, and those that took a natural heavy metal chelator called HMD®® about 1.5 hours before entering the footbath. We wanted to determine whether taking the HMD® would increase the amount of mercury eliminated.

Statistical Analysis

The percentage increase in the post-sample was calculated using the SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences), compared to baseline. This was then compared to the HMD® group for statistical significance using the one-sample T-test.


The OPTIMUM FOCUS footbath clearly showed that it can eliminate mercury from the body as in nearly all cases there was a mean percentage increase in the post-sample compared to baseline of 54.51% (range of 3.25 to 157.11 percent).

Of the 34 people participating, 16 people took HMD®, a natural chelating agent 1.5 hours before entering the footbath. For the HMD® group, the mean percentage increase was 412.99%, with a range of 3.10 to 4697.39%. This is statistically higher than the group that used the OPTIMUM FOCUS footbath without taking the HMD® (p=0.0001%).

Discussion of Results

This is an initial pilot study with a small sample to determine whether the OPTIMUM FOCUS footbath can actually eliminate mercury. The preliminary results have shown that this is the case but further studies with larger samples must be carried out.

It is clear from the preliminary data that the OPTIMUM FOCUS footbath is certainly facilitating the removal of mercury from the body in nearly every patient tested. The mean percentage increase of mercury in the post-sample (after running the footbath) compared to the pre-sample (before running the footbath) was 54.51 percent.

One of the factors that facilitated the excretion of mercury in the footbath was a natural heavy metal chelator called HMD® – the mean percentage increase increased to 412.99%, a statistically significant increase. This patent-pending natural compound has been tested in double-blind, placebo controlled studies with 350 people and has been shown to work effectively at eliminating many different heavy metals, including mercury. People using the footbath can also be encouraged to take the HMD® throughout their detoxification protocol.

Critique of Study

It is crucially important to thoroughly wash the foot bath with 5% hydrochloric acid every time it is used as mercury collects on the walls of the plastic bath and is picked up in the pre-sample of the following person. This is why a considerable number of the pre-samples had highish levels of mercury which did not compare with the original water source. The percentage increase between the pre and post samples was used in the statistical calculations so this was not a major issue.

The Optimizer head or ionizer should be changed every 20 times of use as this could affect the elimination of mercury from the body.

It is crucially important to make certain that Himalayan salts are used every time as the ionization process depends on it. A mistake was made a few times and Epsom salts were used instead and all these samples tested showed no elimination of mercury whatsoever in the post samples.

Dr. George J Georgiou, Ph.D.,D.Sc.,N.D.,M.Sc.,B.Sc
Holistic Medicine Practitioner, Researcher, Author

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