Is Color Charting Accurate?

It has been stated by various companies that the water colors relate to different organ cellular waste and other body parts. We do not support this analysis of water. There is no scientific data supporting this analysis & some colors can appear without a body. Not all impurities can be seen with the naked eye just as you cannot see the impurities in water. In order to prove that this process does pull out impurities, we have performed control tests click here for test results showing that heavy metals exist in the water after the 35 minute bath & also encapsulated on the water modules’ rings. When water samples are tested by labs we need to specify what to test for & since the range of impurities a body may contain are too many to specify, we decided to  on heavy metals. At minimum this proved that particles are moving out of the body.

More important than the color change is an oily substance on the surface thereby indicating energy being produced (called EMA SS by researchers) and the change in color of the urine caused by the release of toxins & stimulation & elimination of the lymphatic system.

With different water conditions your OPTIMUM Detox footbath unit will not necessarily cause color changes in the water; however, the very process of electrolysis of the water causes color changes in the water.. This is called oxidation (which is mainly the orange color, not joints as what is stated in the color charts). The interaction of the OPTIMUM water module with the City added chemicals can cause quite a discoloration in the water. It must neutralize those chemicals and energize the water. Some sediment is seen depending upon the amounts of solids that are inherent in water to begin with. The final result has to do with the health of the person being treated. This will then determine the water color change.