Why Optimum Detox footbath technology?

ES9800 Dual Pro unit

OPTIMUM UnitsWe have built both performance and safety into our newest generation of machines:

  • The Power Supply design uses state-of-the-art regulator technology (unlike Transformer Rectifier [TR] technology from the 1960s that many other manufacturers employ). The use of a regulator makes the unit safer; TR technology, on the other hand, can malfunction and cause ripples and spikes or static interference. By using qualified components and holding the output below 24vdc anywhere in the unit, the OPTIMUM FOCUS machine is ahead of the footbath industry.
  • Dual Regulation system, featuring:
    • a switching regulator with over-current and over-voltage protection
    • adjustable regulator with fold-back circuit when the Optimizer is out of the water & does not blow a fuse. No other unit does this.
    • the first stage delivers a voltage of 24vdc, and the second stage an adjustable voltage of .5vdc to 22.5vdc
  • Clean Power (pure DC power without excessive ripple) produced by the switching regulator
  • Higher Power (from 50-150 watts), which translates to creating more negative ions for cleansing and more ability to draw toxins from the body
  • OPTIMUM machines operate as high as 3.0 AMPs for the Home model and 5.5 AMPs for the Professional models; because the units operate at higher amps, they produce a more powerful footbath which translates to more negative oxygen ions.
  • Full Digital Display with large, easy to adjust knobs
  • Adjustable Current Control for a variety of external variables (no other unit allows you to do this):
    • Differences in human skin resistance
    • Differences in the water used
    • Differences in the electrolyte/electrolysis 
  • Safe Construction through three levels of safety protection: a fallback circuit that turns itself off if it detects too much current; an external fuse that shuts down the machine if the fuse blows; and an internal fuse that offers overall protection for the entire unit
  • Chassis Ground for all internal assemblies to stop any voltage potential therefor no need for a GFI certification. Components used in the OPTIMUM machine are UL rated and CE approved, and the wiring and connectors are also CSA approved
  • We invest in quality & expensive materials that costs more to build the OPTIMUM units that assures a high quality, safe and durable product. We use metal enclosures and metal knobs, no cheap plastic. Our units are more durable. Other units out in the market are produced for under $100 dollars then are sold from $495 up to $1900. 
  • OPTIMUM Engineer team has over 40 years experience working with power supplies.  These range from TR units to the cigarette pack sized power supplies producing 30,000vdc that are sitting on the moon and beyond. 
Electrical Safety Issues with other unitsOPTIMUM Points
1. Transformer paper breakdownWe do not use transformers, the unit is not in the TR family
2. Malfunction can result in 110vac applied to patientThe only technology that can have this malfunction is the TR technology.  The OPTIMUM unit has two internal stages of regulation; the first stage delivers a voltage of 24vdc, the second stage delivers an adjustable voltage of 0.5vdc to 22.5vdc.  The unit has an external fuse that is visible which is a system level safety device, then an internal fuse on the inside which will shut down voltage delivered to the customer.
3. Ripple and spikes.Ripple and spikes are the product of TR technology (even with full wave rectification there is still 120 pps).  The OPTIMUM unit does not use TR technology.
4. Static InterferenceAnother product of TR technology (it operates at the same frequency as a fluorescent light, or a harmonic thereof).  OPTIMUM technology does not use TR technology.
5.  Switchers operate at radio frequencies. Switchers and TR are totally different technologiesOPTIMUM uses switching regulation technologies, the components have UR registration