Diminishing of eczema, athletes feet, bunion

Diann: One of my client’s testimonials

“Dear Brandy,

You may quote me on this: since receiving the ionizing footbaths with you Brandy, I have had the following results. 1) Diminishing of eczema on the bottom of my feet that I had for 18 years to now no peeling of skin at all! 2) disappearance of problematic athlete’s foot between a couple of toes that used to come and go for many years 3) Reduction of fatty deposits around an area I had foot surgery in over 16 years ago 4) Overall feeling of being more energetic than I have in two years  5) Reduction of a bunion to almost nothing and my shoes fit better. 6) I am thrilled on a psychological/mental/spiritual level in that I am mending fences from decades ago – each week a new adventure – is it the peeling away of the metaphorical onion skin you may ask? I don’t know – I just know that the footbaths are the only new treatment I added to the equation that is my life.  Thanks to you Brandy!

Love and peace,


Bandy Rosenberg
Professional Intuitive Consultant

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