Cellulite Dimples


I decided I needed to be my own “test subject” for the detox foot bath.

Today I performed a 6th detox bath on myself.

Since starting these trements I have a good deal more energy.

My skin is prone to breakouts and (knock on wood) it is clearer.

I have age related cellulite…I’m under 120 pounds and relatively healthy so the cellulite is not due to weight issues.

After my fifth session I noticed the dimpled skin on my thighs is noticeably lessened and the dimpled skin on my upper arms has virtually disappeared.

I suffer from severe sleep issues and I have yet to experience any noticeable difference in the quantity of sleep but I am sleeping much deeper; going into REM stage.  REM is something I rarely experience.

I will be able to get in two more sessions prior to a scheduled surgical procedure (foot surgery) and will have to put off subsequent sessions for approximately two weeks.

Question…should I take up with the current cycle or wait an additional week and begin a second cycle?

I will be a walking testimonial to my clients…

I will contact you soon with a few questions.

Thank you for all you help and advise.


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