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Dealing With a Heavy Metal Load

Me and My wife has been using the Optimum Ionic Array machine for a few years now.

I think it is absolutely one of the best tools to have for everyone who wants to remove heavy metals from their bodies. I think it is one of the most unknown treatments available for removing heavy metals, as I do not see many doctors recommending it – while many are promoting their own unique supplements that can do the trick, yet in the same time, it is very easy to do in the comfort of your own house and very cost effective if you realize you can use it long-term.

As we are regularly removing heavy metals from our bodies, there are many ways of doing it, and supplements are important – but the Ionic machine just goes to a certain layer where no other tool goes to, and is able to push stuff out of the body. We always feel cleaner and lighter after every session.

I would highly recommend this device for anyone who wants to remove heavy metals, if they are dealing with a load, or simply “living in the 21st century” removing some things we are all exposed to, on a regular basis, for maintenance and keeping your temple, your body clean so you can have peak health.


My experience with the Focus Footbath has been remarkable.  I am interested in detoxifying my body and have been for many years and I felt this would be a wonderful way to do it.  I am a massage therapist and this interest is not only for myself but also to use for my clients. 

Before I use this with a client, I always balance test them to see how often and how long a soak should be and at what setting.  I must add here that I did NOT do the same thing for me, which was not a smart move.  I simply went by the presumption that I could detox as fast as I wanted.  I was soaking every three days for 30 minutes at a time at a setting of 1.6.  I went on like this for 21 days (7 soaks) and was so excited about the way I was feeling.  My stamina increased and my joints were no longer stiff.  The aching in my hips, that had been there for several years, left completely.  I had suffered with eczema for about 15 years and it was gone with no traces.  All of this was so much more than I could have imagined.  All was perfect in my world.

The next thing that I experienced was a huge healing crisis.  If you are not familiar with that term, it can happen when too many toxins are released too fast.  I ended up in bed for two weeks feeling like I had been hit with a truck.  After that two week period was over, I felt so good…much better than I could remember in a long while.  What a lesson for me.  Now, I always test myself to see how often, how long and at what setting for each of my soaks.  Since I have started treating myself with the same concern and respect that I do my clients, I have had absolutely no adverse reactions or discomfort with the releasing of toxins from my body and am feeling on top of the world. 

At this point, my energy level has increased so much, my family and friends are amazed.  Well, actually, I am too.  My advice to anyone who does this is to be gentle with yourself and never try to push the healing too fast. 

Blessings to you,