Best Money Spent on Our Health!

Hello Diann,

Have a great success story for you today.  We tried the Home ES1550i first time and the display was flashing, my wife was getting a weird feeling in her head.

So we called your sales department and got Mark.  He was kind enough to explain what was going on so we set it up per his instructions and wow what a difference in performance.  First time my wife detoxed so much that we’ve never seen a tub full of toxins like that.  A huge difference.

My wife wasn’t able to even raise her left are to chest height before this treatment.  After the second attempt she was able to raise her left arm over head and was clearing up in the brain and felt remarkably better immediately in the body.

Mark had told us previously that he would match this model up against all other versions in the world.  We’ve had vast experience in ionic foot baths well over 24 years and have to say that Mark did not make an idol boast.  All we can say is Wow what a fantastic investment in a person’s future health.  The best money we’ve ever spent on our health.

If you don’t use names and protect our privacy then please use this feedback far and wide.

G & E

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