Rash Gone! Hallelujah!

I originally purchased the OPTIMUM ionic footbath for a new holistic health business my husband and I are starting later this year. However, I was having some skin issues and decided to try it myself sooner. We attended an Energy Enhancement System session, and both my husband and I used the footbath for detoxing afterward. I had been struggling with a severe skin rash in my armpits for about five weeks prior. I stopped using deodorant and body lotion in an effort to figure out what was causing the rash. I hadn’t changed anything before the rash, but I was desperate to clear it up as it hurt. Burning and stinging all the time – my armpits felt like they were on fire and the rash bumps kept spreading and becoming larger. Within 48 hours of doing the OPTIMUM Detox footbath twice (footbath three days apart), the rash was gone and my skin back to normal! Hallelujah! I’m so grateful and a big believer in the OPTIMUM ionic footbath! Thank you, thank you!

Victoria Freeman

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