WRONG WAY to Create your own Detox Footbath?
WRONG- This is NOT how you create an Electrolysis Treatment.
  1. REASON ONE: Using a 9v battery is way too weak to even accomplish results. Our Optimum detox footbath units are 24v. Big difference!
  2. REASON TWO: There are no safety features built in since this is not meant to work with a person’s body. If there is a power surge, then this will directly blast the person and can be dangerous. In this case, a 9v battery is weak but for units that are plugged in to a wall, there must be a fail-safe mechanism in place.
  3. REASON THREE: What happens when you add too much salt? The amperage will surge and no mechanism to turn this down.
  4. REASON FOUR: Separating the feet in to 2 different baths does NOT work.
    • Why does this not work? A detox ionic footbath is using electrolysis to create the ionic treatment. Electrolysis is where a DC current is ran thru the water where the current  (electrons) move from the electrode’s Neg polarity thru the water, bombarding the H2O water molecule breaking it up in to OH- and H+, then the current (electrons) move to the electrode’s Pos polarity where it cycles thru. By separating the neg and pos polarities, as shown in this setup, you have negated this whole treatment. This DC current has no way to move properly and is not able to generate the ions.
  5. REASON FIVE: No display of Amperage. How are you to know how high or low the amperage is? Amperage is the measurement of how strong the footbath treatment is.

We offer a very Safe & Powerful detox footbath called Optimum detox footbath units. Our units will go in to foldback if there is a surge or too high of a current. They run at a clean 10,000 hz frequency with no ripples. Amperage runs as high as 5.50 amps making it the most powerful detox footbath! The units have a built in either 60 watt or 150-watt 24 v power supply box.  Our units you can manually adjust the amperage by adjusting the current. This is not doable on other units. Learn more on Why Optimum Detox Footbaths?