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My Experiences as a Practitioner

 I bought my focus footbath in august 2007 and have given footbaths to 52 people ….have had various results…..all good……some have experienced better elimination and deeper more restful sleep… young lady noticed her skin became clearer………..all have felt more balanced and relaxed after the footbath…..and many feel an increase in energy ….i have done 16 footbaths on myself and my colon is working perfectly every day and my skin looks clearer…..people are constantly commenting on how good my skin looks… also calms me when i am agitated and unable to focus……everyone has felt good after the footbath…..i have not had one negative comment……..and i have made back my entire investment back within 3 months……….i am a massage therapist and often people will book a massage with the footbath……….it has increased my business just by word of mouth [ i call it the coconut wireless advertising] ….i give everyone an emergen-c packet with their filtered water and have a pitcher next to them so they can drink enough water which aids the entire process …….it is an excellent way to help heal and balance the body in a non invasive manner which is safe and relaxing……………….. 

Aloha, Joanne Maui,Hi

Testimonial for OPTIMUM Focus Detox Foot bath

 “My wife and I have completed our first set of fourteen OPTIMUM Detox Footbaths. We have noticed some improvements in our health which we would like to share with you.

We have found that our sinuses have opened. We have had ear wax suddenly became loose and become removable without going to the doctor to have it professionally removed. My wife suffered from Vertigo for at least two months before she did a foot detox. Her Vertigo is now gone…

Our feet have more feeling in them which is from better circulation and they feel warmer.

Our energy levels have risen to a level we have not had in years. We are more alert mentally and able to concentrate which has enabled us to multitask again.

Friends and Family members have used the foot detox machine too, and have told us of things that they have noticed.

One has had a sense of smell that has come back, which she had not had for years.

Another of our friends suffers from a terrible rash over various parts of his body. His doctor does not really know what is causing the rash. His ankles above and below the water line of the detox baths shows a remarkable difference. His rash below the water line is healing much faster then the rash on the rest of his body. We are considering a full body bath for him.

We are new to foot detox, and we are very impressed with the results we have seen in just one month with our OPTIMUM Detox foot bath. We are looking forward to many more improvements in our health as we go down the detox road.”

– Curtis Larson