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Like an AMEX card, I don’t leave home without it!


I just wanted to let you know how absolutely thrilled I am with my continued success with the OPTIMUM detox foot bath! Seriously, it’s almost comical the results I am getting.  Just today a client who is on her 5th bath stated that her bunion had shrunk by 50%! I didn’t even know that the footbath could do this. Another client quit smoking after her 7th bath and another after 6 months of continued treatments has lost 25 lbs without even dieting!  I work as an energy healer and trauma release practitioner and I would have never thought a” plug-in” device could assist me in my work. The science makes sense but I was still skeptical. Well, I call the OPTIMUM detox foot bath my personal assistant. It’s got my back and accelerates the good work I’m already doing. This little box has boosted both my sales and profile as a practitioner.  I recently made the front page of a local Los Angeles paper with it!   Also, if it wasn’t for your companies exceptional customer service and knowledge I probably would have never bought the machine.  I appreciate your continued support. Like an AMEX card,  I don’t leave home without it!

Bandy Rosenberg
Professional Intuitive Consultant

Diminishing of eczema, athletes feet, bunion

 Diann: One of my client’s testimonials

“Dear Brandy,

You may quote me on this: since receiving the ionizing footbaths with you Brandy, I have had the following results. 1) Diminishing of eczema on the bottom of my feet that I had for 18 years to now no peeling of skin at all! 2) disappearance of problematic athlete’s foot between a couple of toes that used to come and go for many years 3) Reduction of fatty deposits around an area I had foot surgery in over 16 years ago 4) Overall feeling of being more energetic than I have in two years  5) Reduction of a bunion to almost nothing and my shoes fit better. 6) I am thrilled on a psychological/mental/spiritual level in that I am mending fences from decades ago – each week a new adventure – is it the peeling away of the metaphorical onion skin you may ask? I don’t know – I just know that the footbaths are the only new treatment I added to the equation that is my life.  Thanks to you Brandy!

Love and peace,


Bandy Rosenberg
Professional Intuitive Consultant