COPPER Tub vs. PLASTIC Tub (detox foot bath)

  • Our OPTIMUM FOCUS Copper Tub is used for optimum footbath treatment. The copper acts as an additional conductor thereby making the treatment all that more powerful. One will get more life out of the OPTIMUM FOCUS water module due to the conductivity of the copper there by less current is ran from the unit to achieve the same AMPs.
  • Copper also resonates a certain healing frequency. People wear copper on their body for healing.
  • The tub is handmade and 100% copper with no beryllium. Beryllium is a carcinogen and it is what creates the green patina, so in essence you don’t have to polish the tubs.
  • A Plastic tub is not a conductive material so as the energy comes out of the water module the energy dissipates as it moves away from the water module. With the copper tub it is amplified because copper is a conductor.


What is Amps?

What is Amps? Amps is the ‘volume’ of electrons. Think of a waterfall,  the wider the water fall the more volume of water. There are several ways you can increase the volume of electrons in the footbath. One is by adding salt which is a conductive material. Another by adding more current. We also use a copper footbath tub which is a conductive material again increasing the Amps. Anything that is conductive allows more electrons to move thru the water. The electrons bombard the H2O molecule breaking it up in to ions. The higher the Amps the more electrons therefor more ions.

Other units don’t allow you to control Current. They run a straight 24 volt current thru and only allow you to increase the Amps by adding salt. Well what happens if you want to decrease the Amps? You can not take the salt out of the water so you will either have to dump the foot bath water and start over or add more water to dilute it which defeats the whole purpose of osmosis. The OPTIMUM units allow you to control the Current there by allowing you to have full control over the Amps (increasing or decreasing). Using Salt to increase your Amps is the cheap way to do it. Even the more expensive units like AMD Ioncleanse doesn’t allow you to control the Current.

Most of the units out in the market operate only as high as 1.4 to 2.5 AMPS. OPTIMUM standard models run as high as 3.00 AMPS & our new OPTIMUM ES8000i Professional runs as high as 5.5 AMPS. OPTIMUM detox foot spa units are the most powerful & safest machines on the market.


  • How high does the amperage go to? (what is this?) answer: at least 3.0 Amps
  • What is the wattage? (what is this?) answer: ideally 150 watts

  • Can you control the amperage by the current or is it only controlled by adding salt to the footbath water? (what is this?) answer: amperage should be controlled by current not salt

  • What is the frequency/Hertz the power unit is running at? (what is this?) answer: a frequency that is healthy to the body, do not want 60 Hz

  • Is the power unit running at single polarity or dual? (what is this?) answer: single

  • What protection mechanisms does the power unit offer? (what is this?)

  • Is the power unit built in to the footbath tub or is it separate? answer: separate so you can use in any type of  tub .. even a bath tub

  • Is the footbath tub made of plastic or a conductive material? (what is this?) answer: conductive material such as copper, plastic has no conductive components

  • If the water module is using a copper plate, is it 100% pure copper or does it have beryllium in it? (what is this?) answer: 100% pure copper, beryllium is a carcinogen

  • Is the water module disposable, or do you have to replace the plates manually? how many baths do you get out of the water module? (what is this?)

  • Is the water module built in to the footbath tub or is it separate? answer: separate so you can use in any type of  tub .. even a bath tub

  • How is the water module cleaned and how do they disinfect it? answer: you want to have access to the plates to remove the mineral and toxin build up.. hospital grade disinfectant is necessary.

  • Does the unit require a wristband connection to the body in order for the footbath to run? (what is this?) answer: do not want wristband. The machine is not safe and is not grounded. The wristband is to ground the person.

  • What salt is used: high quality with trace minerals or processed salt? (what is this?) answer: a high quality salt

Is the WRISTBAND A Good Thing?

 A wristband is simply used to ground the body since the unit is so cheaply made the unit itself is not grounded. This is a marketing gimmick when the say it is ‘to complete the circuitry’ or ‘stimulate the upper body’.

The wrist bands are designed to prevent the destruction of CMOS devices.  (CMOS is the deposition of doping and etching of a Metal Oxide on Saphire device, in short an Integrated Circuit).  Most units on the market use TR (Transformer Rectifier) concepts in producing their output, this concept does not utilize CMOS substrate devices. We often build static as we walk and move, this is more pronounced if we are wearing anything nylon.  The wrist band is conductive and conducts the static electricity from the body to ground.  This prevents the charge from going through the CMOS device.  If a charge goes through a CMOS integrated circuit, it can destroy it instantly, most often it damages it which causes a diminishing deterioration until the ultimate failure.  During the “slow death” of the device performance becomes unreliable, unrepeatable then ultimately the device fails.

The conductive wristbands may or may not require any liquid or gel to add to the conductivity of the band to ground.  This depends on the quality of the grounding strap and the wristband.

Most circuit designers “know their stuff” and design the circuits such that the input and output pins of the integrated circuits are connected into circuitry such that they are buffered from outside forces.  Our units have the proper buffering so that stray voltages cannot and do not reach the components that can be affected by static.  In addition the care of our unit is electrically connected to earth ground, this will direct any stray charge that even gets to the case to ground and protect the components as well.

The ground strap is a marketing gimmick.  Think about it, your computers and cell phones have large scale integration in their operating systems and you do not wear a ground strap when working with either of them.  Why would you need grounding for something as simplistic as the power supplies in a footbath?  The control circuitry may have some active devices that can be damages as we do, but with proper configuration this can be protected

The wristband has nothing to do with the footbath process. The key to the ionic detox footbath is the ions from the salt & water that are interacting with your body, not the current or so called ‘circuitry’ that these companies claim. WE (Optimum detox foot baths) DO NOT USE WRISTBANDS since our unit has a chassis ground for all internal assemblies to stop any voltage potential ever being on the case


 The harmful positive ion (kation) is a particle that loses an electron. The healthful negative ion (anion) gains an electron in the valency orbit; that is it increases the ability to absorb and utilize oxygen and reduces any excess of harmful serotonin.

These two small invisible electrified particles have an effect on our physical and mental well-being and we are constantly bombarded with negative and positive ions (eg. polluted air). The negative ions make us feel good, they destroy harmful bacteria. The positive ions make us feel bad (TV. screen produces positive ions).

If the positive ions occur naturally in sufficient numbers, for instance during the onset of the commonly known hot and dry desert winds, the winds cause depression, nausea, insomnia, irritability, lassitude, migraine, asthma attacks, and also affect the normal function of the thyroid glands. Biochemically speaking, the body becomes exhausted and this can lead to an increase in accidents, violent crime and suicides. These can be counteracted with the beneficial negative ions.

Negative Ions are the good ions. Positive ions are depleting. You want negative ions NOT positive ions. The units on the market that claim their machine can create more negative ions or positive ions depending on which mode the unit is set too is not only inaccurate but why would you want positive ions?

DUAL Polarity vs. SINGLE Polarity?

There are a few Detox Footbath systems on the market who differentiate themselves by offering Dual Polarity, which is just reversing of the polarity. Plain & simple this is is a marketing gimmick which  provides no additional benefit.

Here is why:

  1. FALSE: Detox Footbath units using Dual Polarity state by switching Polarity (simply changing direction of the DC current flow.. from negative to positive & vice versa) which create more Negative Ions or Positive Ions depending on the so called ‘Polarity’. REASON FALSE: A DC (direct current) Current can ONLY move from Negative polarity to Positive polarity. NO WAY can it move  from Positive Polarity to Negative Polarity which would go against the law of physics for DC current (details).
  2. FALSE: Detox Footbath units w Dual Polarity state Positive Ions or Negative Ions are necessary based  on the person’s PH bodies. REASON FALSE: The good ions are the Negative Ions (anti-oxidants). The bad ions are the Positive Ions (free radicals), (refer to click here for more details). Who wants the free radicals???
  3. By switching the polarity, the plated material on the anode ring (positive polarity) is released in to the footbath water (details) from the all the previous footbath waters. Yuck.
  4. FALSE CLAIM: Detox Footbath units with Dual Polarity state their units modifies the water’s PH level based on the PolarityREASON FALSE: The PH level can ONLY be modified if the water is removed at EITHER the Anode ring or Cathode ring (the water molecule  H2O has become unstable & the  H+ (acidic water) is at the Anode ring or OH- (alkaline water) is at the Cathode ring.


EXPLANATION Why DUAL Polarity is a hoax: (For Full details)