Serious Mold Poisoning

Hello Hymbas,

I just thought to send you a note and follow up on our first month’s experience of offering the Focus Footbath to out clients. As you are aware, we currently house some of the finest state-of-the-art healing technologies all under the same roof. Nobody else in the US is doing what we are doing.  Client’s come to us with various illness’ and disorders. I have a client who was diagnosed with serious mold poisoning. She had tried every remedy both western and holistic. Nothing had worked. She came to seek out our technologies and I must admit nothing helped her….until the footbath.  With her first bath she noticed an immediate shift in her body. Though she could not pin point it she new it was a positive. I recommended the 14 session deep cleanse which she did and by the end she felt like she was reborn (her words)!  I must admit I too was surprised.  In addition, the odor from her water was incredibly putrid. I had to put on a dust mask to clean after each session!  The irony of this all is that we have over $150,000 worth of equipment here and the $1500 footbath is bringing in all the business! I am seeing positive results daily with our clients too numerous to mention.  It’s getting really exciting.   Thank for forcing me to do a footbath myself!

Manager, Regenesis Energy Center

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