COPPER Tub vs. PLASTIC Tub (detox foot bath)

  • Our OPTIMUM Copper Tub is used for optimum footbath treatment. The copper acts as an additional conductor thereby making the treatment all that more powerful. One will get more life out of the OPTIMUM water array due to the conductivity of the copper there by less current is ran from the unit to achieve the same AMPs.
  • Copper also resonates a certain healing frequency. People wear copper on their body for healing.
  • The tub is handmade and 100% copper with no beryllium. Beryllium is a carcinogen and it is what creates the green patina, so in essence you don’t have to polish the tubs.
  • A Plastic tub is not a conductive material so as the energy comes out of the water array, the energy dissipates as it moves away from the water module. With the copper tub it is amplified because copper is a conductor.


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