Detoxing from Chemo

Have been having wonderful results on my friend who had leukemia about two years ago, nearly died; after her third treatment, when I dumped her “toxin water” into the toilet, the water began clearing almost instantly, as the metals began to stick together, then slid down the toilet sides to the bottom—we got really excited over that!  Her feet had been hurting (from the chemo settling in her knees and feet) for about a year; after the first treatment, they did not hurt at all!  After several days she said they began to hurt some, but nothing like they had been before the treatment.  She is very happy about all this, and we are hoping she will experience more happy results in the future.  Also, the tops of her feet were a very dark, ugly brown from the chemo—the doctors told her the discoloration was permanent—that has lightened up about 50% lighter than before!  I know she will be thrilled to show them her feet next time she has to go in for her next bone marrow biopsy.  So I am very happy at this point that I bought the system—this is what I hoped, that some others might be helped with this equipment.  Thank you so much for all your trouble for me!  luvu S. Earley

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