DUAL Polarity vs. SINGLE Polarity?

There are a few Detox Footbath systems on the market who differentiate themselves by offering Dual Polarity, which is just reversing of the polarity. Plain & simple this is is a marketing gimmick which  provides no additional benefit.

Here is why:

  1. FALSE: Detox Footbath units using Dual Polarity state by switching Polarity (simply changing direction of the DC current flow.. from negative to positive & vice versa) which create more Negative Ions or Positive Ions depending on the so called ‘Polarity’. REASON FALSE: A DC (direct current) Current can ONLY move from Negative polarity to Positive polarity. NO WAY can it move  from Positive Polarity to Negative Polarity which goes against the law of physics for DC current.
  2. FALSE: Detox Footbath units w Dual Polarity state Positive Ions or Negative Ions are necessary based  on the person’s PH bodies. REASON FALSE: The good ions are the Negative Ions (anti-oxidants). The bad ions are the Positive Ions (free radicals), (refer to click here for more details). Who wants the free radicals???
  3. By reversing the polarity, the plated material on the anode ring (positive polarity) is released in to the footbath water from the all the previous footbath waters. Yuck.
  4. FALSE CLAIM: Detox Footbath units with Dual Polarity state their units modifies the water’s PH level based on the PolarityREASON FALSE: The PH level can ONLY be modified if the water is removed at EITHER the Anode ring or Cathode ring (the water molecule  H2O has become unstable & the  H+ (acidic water) is at the Anode ring or OH- (alkaline water) is at the Cathode ring.

EXPLANATION Why DUAL Polarity is a hoax: (For Full details)


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