I am in the business of designing state of the art detoxification protocols for ..

Testimonial/Endorsement “I am in the business of designing state of the art detoxification protocols for people that suffer from all sorts of debilitating chronic degenerative medical conditions.  I constantly am researching new innovations in detoxification of heavy metals, pesticides, and other inorganic compounds, and radiation. I generally work with homeopathy, orthomolecular nutrients, and herbal remedies to accomplish these goals.  However, a few years ago I became aware of the benefits of ionic footbaths as a way to speed up and enhance the chelation and detoxification protocols that I recommend.  I spent several months researching equipment from various manufacturers that I met at industry trade shows.

After looking at several competing products made in the United States and elsewhere, I decided to purchase the OPTIMUM FOCUS Energetic Footbath System for several reasons.

  1. The OPTIMUM FOCUS outperformed all other systems in terms of the level of ions that were generated during a footbath.

  2. I was particularly impressed that the manufacturer went the “extra mile” by being the only manufacturer that I am aware of who utilized a custom copper pot which amplifies the effects of the ionic footbath by working with the body’s own energy fields.  The other manufacturers told me that any type of plastic tub “would do”.

  3. I was also impressed by the fact that they also the only manufacturer that specifically recommends only using Himalaya Salt in the footbath.  I have recommended this truly superior salt in my practice for several years because of its unique crystalline structure and concentration of all 84 ionized minerals that contain all natural minerals and trace elements that are found within the human body.  The other manufacturers said that simple table salt was all that was required.

After working with the OPTIMUM FOCUS Footbath for the last two years I can honestly say that I am highly impressed with the results that both my husband and I have achieved with the OPTIMUM FOCUS as well as the results that my clients have achieved when they incorporated the OPTIMUM FOCUS into their wellness routines.  One of the most profound things that I noticed as well as received feedback from my clients on is the fact that it seems to literally “roto rooter” toxins out of the lymphatic system throughout the body.  Lymphatic congestion of heavy metals and other toxins is a very important consideration in structuring a detoxification protocol and one that is often overlooked by many healers, particularly in America.  The regular users of the footbath experienced a faster and more comfortable detoxification experience than those of my clients who did not use it.

I highly recommend that health practitioners who are serious about getting superior results for their patients get this product. The only caveat that I can offer to other practitioners considering using the OPTIMUM FOCUS is really a compliment to them.  This device is so powerful that the lower amplitude and time settings should be used when dealing with individuals who are highly toxic and/or have very compromised immune systems.  The buildup of these variables should occur gradually over a period of time.” – Linda Freud 

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