Looking forward to the pounds starting to melt away F-A-S-T!!!

Greetings Jeanne’,

Just a quickie note to say that I have been doing my feet once
a week, while I have all the gear out already. I am very happy to
report, that each time I do them, the water gets a bit lighter in
color. HOORAY!!!! Also, continues to squelch my sugar addiction.
I am doing very little sweets, usually fruit, and no longer doing my nitely chocolate candy fix. In addition, today it is apparent that I get full on less food. Looking forward to the pounds starting to melt awayF-A-S-T!!!

Forrests’ water color was the worst yet today…He’s just not
remembering what I tell him and ignoring the part he doesn’t
want to do anything about.

Here’s hoping that you are taking time to do your feet as well!!!!!!!
It would be loverly to think that you are!!!

C’ya soon….


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