During my husband’s passing I became so depressed. I was unable to function. I knew that I wanted to add a foot detox machine to my business, for a while, even as he was sick. I had managed for him to receive a foot detox in Canada. But it was a plug and play one. To get back to the point after his passing, I was depressed. I search the web and found you. I was going to buy a plug in play one. But God lead me to you. I thank him for it. After purchasing the machine, I became my best customer. My first detox was horrible it was black all the way threw. that is the water. I couldn’t sleep, but after this treament I thought that I had taken my sleeping pills, just to find out that they were in the chair i was sitting in. I slept like a baby after the first treatment.

Then later I found myself up out of bed, busy cleaning and cooking I had a overall of well being. I felt beautiful, and began to dress again. Everyone all around me would say, that is the men especially, What are you doing, you look great. what they didn’t know that I felt alive again. I’m thankful for my detox machine. When I feel bad, I know that I’m behind on my treatments. 

                                                                                 Edwina Watkins

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