Dealing With a Heavy Metal Load

Me and My wife has been using the Optimum Ionic Array machine for a few years now.

I think it is absolutely one of the best tools to have for everyone who wants to remove heavy metals from their bodies. I think it is one of the most unknown treatments available for removing heavy metals, as I do not see many doctors recommending it – while many are promoting their own unique supplements that can do the trick, yet in the same time, it is very easy to do in the comfort of your own house and very cost effective if you realize you can use it long-term.

As we are regularly removing heavy metals from our bodies, there are many ways of doing it, and supplements are important – but the Ionic machine just goes to a certain layer where no other tool goes to, and is able to push stuff out of the body. We always feel cleaner and lighter after every session.

I would highly recommend this device for anyone who wants to remove heavy metals, if they are dealing with a load, or simply “living in the 21st century” removing some things we are all exposed to, on a regular basis, for maintenance and keeping your temple, your body clean so you can have peak health.

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