What is Amps?

What is Amps? Amps is the ‘volume’ of electrons. Think of a waterfall,  the wider the water fall the more volume of water. There are several ways you can increase the volume of electrons in the footbath. One is by adding salt which is a conductive material. Another by adding more current. We also use a copper footbath tub which is a conductive material again increasing the Amps. Anything that is conductive allows more electrons to move thru the water. The electrons bombard the H2O molecule breaking it up in to ions. The higher the Amps the more electrons therefor more ions.

Other units don’t allow you to control Current. They run a straight 24 volt current thru and only allow you to increase the Amps by adding salt. Well what happens if you want to decrease the Amps? You can not take the salt out of the water so you will either have to dump the foot bath water and start over or add more water to dilute it which defeats the whole purpose of osmosis. The OPTIMUM units allow you to control the Current there by allowing you to have full control over the Amps (increasing or decreasing). Using Salt to increase your Amps is the cheap way to do it. Even the more expensive units like AMD Ioncleanse doesn’t allow you to control the Current.

Most of the units out in the market operate only as high as 1.4 to 2.5 AMPS. OPTIMUM standard models run as high as 3.00 AMPS & our new OPTIMUM ES8000i Professional runs as high as 5.5 AMPS. OPTIMUM detox foot spa units are the most powerful & safest machines on the market.

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