A customer for life!

Dear Diann and team.

Wow. Thank you. I had no idea the level of customer service.

I wanted to share that I have been getting detoxed infrequently by a friend who uses Aqua Chi. She really pushed her referral on me. It was between your product and theirs. One thing to be proud of with your team is that I got prompt responses. Sadly, it was two days before I heard from Aqua Chi and was told they were moving and didn’t have time to respond to the emails. I had also left my number and no one called.

I used your chat several times. When I got disconnected because your team said the chat is sometimes wonky, THEY TEXTED ME and we continued the conversation. I am not sure if this was a personal number but if you can identify the support person by this, tell them thanks!

The conversation was basically, hey..I’ve tried these, I want to purchase my own, can you be honest and give me your opinion on your product vs the Aqua Chi model. Technology was explained to me as well as customer service even when I asked about the length of time being in business, how quickly part requests for re-orders come in (not wanting to buy a product that I could not get new parts for when needed). A lot of helpful information was provided where I could ask open questions without judgement and get non salesy results. Someone was truly listening to my problem and offering knowledge. Then more questions about the home model vs. the higher amp model. They were also upfront in telling me the copper tub was on backorder but assuring me it would promptly arrive. I ended up not doing the copper tub but got the middle tier higher amp product. Even without purchasing the more expensive copper package, it was explained to me why to not use other copper tubs to the extent of a recommended plastic size if I were to get one on my own.

I was surprised to see my inbox had shipping confirmation the following morning! This was really impressive. The packaging of the items was outstanding and really taken with care. 

I have since texted that number twice. Once about the type of water and another when I had this problem asking if the array comes brown-ish. They were prompt in telling me absolutely not and who to email and how to resolve. Even when I did that, I had responses bak the same day.  

Your company or the distributor from whomever I bought it through directly on your website has been outstanding. Thank you for taking the time to train your team and hire people who care about other people. It was so nice not to talk to a chat bot and talk to a real person in this day and age (and I am only 36)! 

A customer for life,

Thank You.
B. Brown

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