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happy to know I have the “real deal” & certification manual



Did the certification manual while away this weekend.  What an eye opener as far as benefits and features.  Who did the manual?  Great job, very clear.  Makes me happy to know I have the “real deal”.  Anyway let me know what’s up and I will send in the exam.  Working on how I would present myself to a client and to a potential dealer.  I need my “30 second” elevator speech so to speak.  Every one that is going to sell or provide footbath services must have this book….


Diana (Northport, NY)

Peri-menopausal Testimonial

 I am a 45 year old peri-menopausal mother of two/VP of Body Doc Healing Center.  When I came into the office this morning I needed to have a detox foot bath.  I recommend this procedure to every female patient who’s about my age who’s going through menopause.  The foot bath totally relaxes me and gets me back into a peaceful state of mind.  Running a practice and being the mother of two can be very stressful – the detox foot bath is a wonderful drug free procedure for me.  I need to be relaxed for our patients and my family – the foot bath does that for me.


Diane Marcel
Vice President
Body Doc Healing Center
1924 East Maple Avenue
El Segundo, CA  90245