Chronic Pain

I have been using the OPTIMUM Focus Detox Footbath for over 2 years now and I have been mystified with the results. My practice is largely focused on treating Chronic Pain with Classical Homeopathy. When I got my first footbath, I was amazed at how quickly my patients with chronic pain became pain free. In some cases it was immediate!! I am delighted to add the footbath to my services, and they are so well received by my clients that I now have 5 machines to keep up with the demand!

Shann Ross BSc, MA, HD
Calgary, Canada

Detoxing from Chemo

Have been having wonderful results on my friend who had leukemia about two years ago, nearly died; after her third treatment, when I dumped her “toxin water” into the toilet, the water began clearing almost instantly, as the metals began to stick together, then slid down the toilet sides to the bottom—we got really excited over that!  Her feet had been hurting (from the chemo settling in her knees and feet) for about a year; after the first treatment, they did not hurt at all!  After several days she said they began to hurt some, but nothing like they had been before the treatment.  She is very happy about all this, and we are hoping she will experience more happy results in the future.  Also, the tops of her feet were a very dark, ugly brown from the chemo—the doctors told her the discoloration was permanent—that has lightened up about 50% lighter than before!  I know she will be thrilled to show them her feet next time she has to go in for her next bone marrow biopsy.  So I am very happy at this point that I bought the system—this is what I hoped, that some others might be helped with this equipment.  Thank you so much for all your trouble for me!  luvu S. Earley

Looking forward to the pounds starting to melt away F-A-S-T!!!

Greetings Jeanne’,

Just a quickie note to say that I have been doing my feet once
a week, while I have all the gear out already. I am very happy to
report, that each time I do them, the water gets a bit lighter in
color. HOORAY!!!! Also, continues to squelch my sugar addiction.
I am doing very little sweets, usually fruit, and no longer doing my nitely chocolate candy fix. In addition, today it is apparent that I get full on less food. Looking forward to the pounds starting to melt awayF-A-S-T!!!

Forrests’ water color was the worst yet today…He’s just not
remembering what I tell him and ignoring the part he doesn’t
want to do anything about.

Here’s hoping that you are taking time to do your feet as well!!!!!!!
It would be loverly to think that you are!!!

C’ya soon….


I Feel Much Better

I am a client of Natural Detox in Tampa, Florida and I just want to say the foot detoxes are

Optimum Ion Spa & Copper Tub

 amazing it helped with my joint and back pain.

I noticed I sleep much better,and it also helped with me going to the bathroom.

Natural Detox
4202 E. Busch Boulevard, STE 6
Tampa, Florida  33617

Waaay better than the foot bath I used at my colon therapist office


Wow!  I used the Optimum foot bath last nite, I was so amazed.  Waaay better than the foot bath I used at my colon therapist office.  It was so amazing I talked my husband who stands in lead getting exposure to x-ray while performing heart surgery all day to do one too.  He was totally amazed and we both slept so well.  Thanks a lot!  We’re super excited we now have the foot bath as a relaxation tool.

Jennifer G,

Los Angeles, Ca

Cellulite Dimples


I decided I needed to be my own “test subject” for the detox foot bath.

Today I performed a 6th detox bath on myself.

Since starting these trements I have a good deal more energy.

My skin is prone to breakouts and (knock on wood) it is clearer.

I have age related cellulite…I’m under 120 pounds and relatively healthy so the cellulite is not due to weight issues.

After my fifth session I noticed the dimpled skin on my thighs is noticeably lessened and the dimpled skin on my upper arms has virtually disappeared.

I suffer from severe sleep issues and I have yet to experience any noticeable difference in the quantity of sleep but I am sleeping much deeper; going into REM stage.  REM is something I rarely experience.

I will be able to get in two more sessions prior to a scheduled surgical procedure (foot surgery) and will have to put off subsequent sessions for approximately two weeks.

Question…should I take up with the current cycle or wait an additional week and begin a second cycle?

I will be a walking testimonial to my clients…

I will contact you soon with a few questions.

Thank you for all you help and advise.



My experience with the Focus Footbath has been remarkable.  I am interested in detoxifying my body and have been for many years and I felt this would be a wonderful way to do it.  I am a massage therapist and this interest is not only for myself but also to use for my clients. 

Before I use this with a client, I always balance test them to see how often and how long a soak should be and at what setting.  I must add here that I did NOT do the same thing for me, which was not a smart move.  I simply went by the presumption that I could detox as fast as I wanted.  I was soaking every three days for 30 minutes at a time at a setting of 1.6.  I went on like this for 21 days (7 soaks) and was so excited about the way I was feeling.  My stamina increased and my joints were no longer stiff.  The aching in my hips, that had been there for several years, left completely.  I had suffered with eczema for about 15 years and it was gone with no traces.  All of this was so much more than I could have imagined.  All was perfect in my world.

The next thing that I experienced was a huge healing crisis.  If you are not familiar with that term, it can happen when too many toxins are released too fast.  I ended up in bed for two weeks feeling like I had been hit with a truck.  After that two week period was over, I felt so good…much better than I could remember in a long while.  What a lesson for me.  Now, I always test myself to see how often, how long and at what setting for each of my soaks.  Since I have started treating myself with the same concern and respect that I do my clients, I have had absolutely no adverse reactions or discomfort with the releasing of toxins from my body and am feeling on top of the world. 

At this point, my energy level has increased so much, my family and friends are amazed.  Well, actually, I am too.  My advice to anyone who does this is to be gentle with yourself and never try to push the healing too fast. 

Blessings to you,


I am in the business of designing state of the art detoxification protocols for ..

Testimonial/Endorsement “I am in the business of designing state of the art detoxification protocols for people that suffer from all sorts of debilitating chronic degenerative medical conditions.  I constantly am researching new innovations in detoxification of heavy metals, pesticides, and other inorganic compounds, and radiation. I generally work with homeopathy, orthomolecular nutrients, and herbal remedies to accomplish these goals.  However, a few years ago I became aware of the benefits of ionic footbaths as a way to speed up and enhance the chelation and detoxification protocols that I recommend.  I spent several months researching equipment from various manufacturers that I met at industry trade shows.

After looking at several competing products made in the United States and elsewhere, I decided to purchase the OPTIMUM FOCUS Energetic Footbath System for several reasons.

  1. The OPTIMUM FOCUS outperformed all other systems in terms of the level of ions that were generated during a footbath.

  2. I was particularly impressed that the manufacturer went the “extra mile” by being the only manufacturer that I am aware of who utilized a custom copper pot which amplifies the effects of the ionic footbath by working with the body’s own energy fields.  The other manufacturers told me that any type of plastic tub “would do”.

  3. I was also impressed by the fact that they also the only manufacturer that specifically recommends only using Himalaya Salt in the footbath.  I have recommended this truly superior salt in my practice for several years because of its unique crystalline structure and concentration of all 84 ionized minerals that contain all natural minerals and trace elements that are found within the human body.  The other manufacturers said that simple table salt was all that was required.

After working with the OPTIMUM FOCUS Footbath for the last two years I can honestly say that I am highly impressed with the results that both my husband and I have achieved with the OPTIMUM FOCUS as well as the results that my clients have achieved when they incorporated the OPTIMUM FOCUS into their wellness routines.  One of the most profound things that I noticed as well as received feedback from my clients on is the fact that it seems to literally “roto rooter” toxins out of the lymphatic system throughout the body.  Lymphatic congestion of heavy metals and other toxins is a very important consideration in structuring a detoxification protocol and one that is often overlooked by many healers, particularly in America.  The regular users of the footbath experienced a faster and more comfortable detoxification experience than those of my clients who did not use it.

I highly recommend that health practitioners who are serious about getting superior results for their patients get this product. The only caveat that I can offer to other practitioners considering using the OPTIMUM FOCUS is really a compliment to them.  This device is so powerful that the lower amplitude and time settings should be used when dealing with individuals who are highly toxic and/or have very compromised immune systems.  The buildup of these variables should occur gradually over a period of time.” – Linda Freud 

Like an AMEX card, I don’t leave home without it!


I just wanted to let you know how absolutely thrilled I am with my continued success with the OPTIMUM detox foot bath! Seriously, it’s almost comical the results I am getting.  Just today a client who is on her 5th bath stated that her bunion had shrunk by 50%! I didn’t even know that the footbath could do this. Another client quit smoking after her 7th bath and another after 6 months of continued treatments has lost 25 lbs without even dieting!  I work as an energy healer and trauma release practitioner and I would have never thought a” plug-in” device could assist me in my work. The science makes sense but I was still skeptical. Well, I call the OPTIMUM detox foot bath my personal assistant. It’s got my back and accelerates the good work I’m already doing. This little box has boosted both my sales and profile as a practitioner.  I recently made the front page of a local Los Angeles paper with it!   Also, if it wasn’t for your companies exceptional customer service and knowledge I probably would have never bought the machine.  I appreciate your continued support. Like an AMEX card,  I don’t leave home without it!

Bandy Rosenberg
Professional Intuitive Consultant

the most powerful cleanse I have ever had

Hi Diann:

My loaner arrived Monday at 5pm and I want to thank you so much for organizing and suggesting the loaner.  another positive feature on the optimum focus compared to others – – it is minor and nontechnical – – it is a practical feature where the water module / exciter stay firmly on bottom of the foot bath container.   Where as the aqua chi the water module does not stay in place & is always tilting one way or another or you gotta hole it with your feet.  They make a container that has an indentation to hold the unit in place – – but…. if you use plastic liners or a different container you can’t use it. – so in essence it is awkward.  And the AMD hooks on to the side of the container – making it not as versatile with different foot containers.

I did a bath and it was the most powerful cleanse I have ever had.  I had the meter at 1.3.

Thanks again.